Dedicate a Chair

Celebrate something or someone close to you

Dedicating a chair provides a long-lasting memento and your generous support will help to transform St Helen’s and develop the Heritage Hub for our community.

Here at St Helen’s, in the heart of the village, we celebrate the long interwoven history of the estate, church and most importantly the community, people past and present, local businesses, sports, special interest and social groups.

The reordering work and the creation of the Escrick Heritage Hub will breathe new life into St Helen’s securing the long term future of this beautiful building for the benefit of generations to come. The project includes the provision of new stackable chairs which will more than compensate for the pews removed from the north aisle.

There will be 65 chairs (40 plain and 25 with arms). Would you like to celebrate something or someone close to you or remember someone special by dedicating a chair as part of St Helen’s Heritage Project?

This is an opportunity to become part of our heritage project and support this important development. Some expressions of interest for dedications already received include:


  • Special birthday celebrations
  • Special achievements
  • Parents and family
  • Company or business dedications

Your dedicated message will be there for all to see on a special plaque, placed on the back of a chair similar to the sample above:

The Chairs

These are Treske light oak and aluminium stackable chairs, widely used in churches and cathedrals throughout the country, including Canterbury, Salisbury and St Paul’s.

The elegant lines and excellent ergonomics of the chairs provide comfortable seating while facilitating maximum use of available space. 25 of these chairs will be fitted with arms to provide extra stability when needed.

The Plaque

The silver plaque will be similar to the sample shown above and measures 102 mm x 38 mm (4” x 1.5”) and will be placed in the centre on the back of the chair.

Order Details

If you would like to ‘Dedicate a Chair’ please complete the following form.

  • Please select one of the following dedications for your plaque.
  • Please add the name or names of the person to whom you are dedicating the chair.
  • Price: £ 115.00
    The total cost is £115 which includes your valuable donation and the plaque bearing your special dedication firmly adhered on the back of a chair.
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