The Church Tapestry Kneelers

The 67 Tapestry kneelers were very kindly made and donated by members of the Community, mainly during the 1980’s ad 1990’s.     

Many include the initials of those who made them or who they are in memory of.  Some also have newspapers, parish magazines or photos of the time included within them, which will hopefully be of interest should they be found by future generations.

The ladies were given very specific rules to follow set out by the Diocese, including that no embroidery of names could be included.  Initials sewn in darker red were allowed.

Many families remember the tapestries being around the house for many months and daughters being encouraged to contribute towards completion.  Some people were happy to create the tapestries and finish them in to complete kneelers, while others were happy to create the tapestry which fellow volunteers made up in to the kneelers.

The dedications include

1906 – 1983  A J Moss   (By Hannah Moss)

1947 to 1974 from staff, pupils, parents – Escrick Primary School in Memory of Mr & Mrs Binnie

1982 JEM  (June  Elizabeth Marshall)

AA 1991


E 1987 W (Eva Watson- includes a copy of the parish magazine of the time)

E 1987 W (Eva Watson)

E 1990 W  (Eva Watson)


Emma/Mathew/Jessica/Katy/Laura /Robert/ Rachel, Becky & Beatrice (Pat & Jack Harrison’s grandchildren’s)

EAT 1988 JT  (By Edith Turner  – Edith and Joe)

EW 1982 CW  (Eva Watson and Caroline Watson–includes a copy of the parish magazine of the time)

EW 1984 CW   (Eva Watson and Caroline Watson–includes a copy of the parish magazine of the time)

FEL 1983 FGL

FJ 19 W 82 J  (Jessie and Fred Whitehouse)

Glebe 1983  (Sadie Ashton… includes details of the people living at Glebe Cottage at the time)

J McG 2006  (Jean McGuigan)

J, C, & S McG  1983  (By Jean, Carolyn and Sue McGuigan.  It contains photos of family events at the time.)

Jack, Pat, Kathy, Anne, Vicky Harrison (Pat Harrison)

JEM 1983  (June Marshall)


JP/1983 /JP

JW 1979 PG KIW SCB  1982 (Kath Wilson for  Julie and Paul who married 6/10/79)


KLW 1984 JLW 1979 SCB  (Kath Wilson for  Joyce  & Steve who married 7/7/79)

LWG 1990

M Jackson  (By Pauline Steel in memory of Marie Jackson, her good friend)

MEF 1982 YT  (Yvonne Tyne)

MJP/ADP/1982 MEP/ARP   (The Price family)

MLL 1984


MM 1983  (Marjorie Mann)

MM 1986  (Marjorie Mann)

MRH 1983


O-B  Orange (Claire Orange-Broomhead)

PG MG 1985 RG SG AG (Margaret Gowthorpe, for Peter, Margaret, Rebecca, Sarah and Angus)


RS RH 1983



St Helens LF  (Ladies Fellowship) 1984 (JW) 

WMD 1982