The first documentary evidence we have of Escrick comes from the Domesday Book of 1086 but archaeological finds suggest that the area may have been occupied for nearly 4000 years.

In 1086 Escrick consisted of two estates which were brought together between 1145 and 1219 when St Mary’s Abbey granted the land to the de Lascelles family. In 1668, it was bought by Sir Henry Thompson, a notable Merchant Adventurer of York and ancestor to the present estate owning family. In over 800 years this is the only time the estate has been sold. This sense of continuity and stability has contributed significantly to the relationship between church, village and estate.

It is this relationship that has created the unique heritage of Escrick, which we welcome you to explore through our community archive, research and oral histories.

Everything in this fascinating archive has been donated by the people of Escrick, their friends and families.

The project has allowed us for the first time to share the treasure troves of family albums, treasured collections and archive material in one place.

With support from the Oral History Society we have created an oral history archive.

We have selected a wide range of interviewee’s from all walks of life who all have a story to tell about their life in Escrick.

Throughout this project volunteers have given hundreds of hours researching the history of the village, often condensing their work into 200 words for an interpretation panel!

In this section we have collected that work and ordered it for the visitor who would like a more in depth read on aspects of village life.