Oral History

Escrick Oral History Project has been created to record the stories, memories and experiences of people who live or who have lived in the Escrick Parish.

We have a small team of enthusiastic volunteers who have been trained by the Oral History Society to conduct recordings to capture people’s life stories.

Extracts from the interviews can be heard below. The full interviews will eventually be held as a permanent part of the collections of the North Yorkshire County Record Office.

Our oral history archive is work in progress and we will continue to interview people in order to create a diverse and representative collection of memories of Escrick. If you feel that you would like to contribute your story or you know someone else that would like to, please contact us at escrickchurch@gmail.com

For more information on Oral History please visit www.ohs.org.uk

Nancy Mackenzie.

Nancy was born in Escrick in 1942 and has lived in the village all her life. She was Baptised, Confirmed and married in Escrick Church and attended the village primary school. Nancy still lives in the village and continues to attend St Helen’s Church.