Throughout this project volunteers have given hundreds of hours researching the history of the community.

In this section we have collected that work for the visitor who would like a more in depth read about people or aspects of community life.

If you have any information you would be happy to share, we would love to hear from you.


AuthorsBrian and Moira Gittos

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Anne Wharton nee Lloyd – Research  by Henry Farrar

1789 Anne Wharton nee Lloyd

Arthur Lawley – Research  by Henry Farrar

1932 Arthur Lawley

The Lawley Institute, Ootacamund (Ooty)

The Lawley Institute, Ootacamund (Ooty)

Sir Arthur Robinson 1596.  Research  by Henry Farrar     

1596 Sir Arthur Robinson

Bielby Thompson (died 1750) – Research  by Henry Farrar 

1750 Beilby Thompson

Bielby Thompson (died 1799) – Research  by Henry Farrar 

1799 Bielby Thompson

Lady Caroline Neville (Died 1868) Research  by Henry Farrar 

1868 Lady Caroline

The Cooke Family – Research by Sharon Moore Elliott

The Cooke family – Sharon Moore Elliott

Jane Thompson-Lawley – Research  by Henry Farrar

1816 Jane Thompson-Lawley

John Coates and John Coates Smith – Research by Brad Colley

John Coates and John Coates Smith – Research by Brad Colley

The Pearce-Brown Family

The Pearce-Brown family

Rectors of Escrick since 1857

Rectors of Escrick from 1857

Dame Sarah Dawes – Research  by Henry Farrar

1773 Dame Sarah Dawes

2nd Lt William A D Eley – Research  by Henry Farrar

2nd Lt William A D Eley

Yorkshire Gentlemen’s Cricket Club – A brief history shared by the Club

Brief history of The Yorkshire Gentlemen’s Cricket Club